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Impression Edit

for suspense, thriller, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic genres

Does your
first chapter hook your reader?

First impressions are huge, unfortunately. You don’t have long to hook a reader, and with so many books out there, readers can easily find another book.

A first impression edit
will make sure
you hook your reader.
No more worrying
if your beginning is
good enough.

No more

You will no longer worry if your book starts in the right spot or if readers will be hooked. You’ll be able to take my feedback and be confident you can make any necessary changes to make your book binge-worthy.

An Edit of the
First chapters

The first impression edit is a developmental edit of the first 10,000 words of your novel. It provides in-depth and specific feedback about the story-level elements of your beginning chapters.

Structure, plot, and
characterization are examples
of story-level elements.
Reading Features


I’ll read your first chapters once to provide accurate and useful feedback from a reader’s perspective.


You’ll receive inline comments directly in your manuscript, pointing out what works and what areas need improvement.


I’ll take notes from my in-depth read-through and write an editorial letter highlighting the book’s strengths and weaknesses. 


You’ll receive two rounds of emails about any follow-up questions you may have.


If you upgrade to a developmental edit or editorial assessment, the cost of your first impression edit will be credited toward one of those services.


The edit will look for story-level issues while ensuring your beginning hooks the reader.

Discuss a

Start by filling out a questionnaire where you tell me about your novel and your goals. Then, I’ll email you, and we can discuss your project.

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