Each developmental edit is more than a correction; it's a writing masterclass tailored to your needs.

Editing with Purpose

Crafting novels demands dedication and an understanding of storytelling nuances. But amid life’s countless commitments, there’s scarcely room for reading craft books or attending writing courses. 

My edits are for writers who want to improve their craft but have limited time due to juggling personal roles or a bustling career. At Revision Muse, I offer more than traditional editing. It’s akin to a personalized writing workshop tailored distinctly to you and your novel’s unique challenges.

The Revision Muse Difference

Genre-Specific Expertise

I specialize in thriller, suspense, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic, ensuring your work meets genre standards.

Lasting Skills for Every Project

You’ll gain insights and skills that benefit your current manuscript and every subsequent project you write.

Tailored Editing Approach

Every author is different. I provide edits tailored to your unique voice and story, ensuring a genuine fit with your narrative style.

Services at Revision Muse

There are four developmental editing services to help you get inspired to revise your novel.


A Reader's Perspective

First Impression

First 10,000 Words


Broad Feedback


In-Depth, Specific Feedback

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