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Shellah Inman

Developmental editor of mystery, thriller, suspense, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic genres.

When you enjoy creative endeavors but also love problem-solving, finding the right career becomes tricky. Usually, jobs will fall more to one side than the other. So, in my early years, I tried to find something with a good mix of both. Because one thing I knew, I couldn’t do one without the other.

I went through several jobs, but none were a good fit, even though one allowed me to be creative and problem-solve. But there was always something that never felt right about those positions. Something that I didn’t realize I needed in a job until I became a mom.

I needed to help others.

But what job was creative, solved problems, and helped people? At the time, I had no idea, so instead, I focused on raising my son and, in my free time, started writing.

Then, after a bit, I joined a writing group and helped other writers with their novels. That is when I found my perfect career.

Developmental editor.

I realized that I enjoyed editing more than I enjoyed writing. There is problem-solving: figuring out why a book is not working. There is creativity: brainstorming ways to fix the problems. But the best part is helping someone with their dream and helping them to become a better writer.

I couldn’t think of a better career.

If you are looking for a developmental editor who will help you be a better writer, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Some Trivia


Besides reading and writing, I love studying and learning new things. This goes well with being a developmental editor.


I am also fascinated with spreadsheets, specifically using formulas and scripts to sort and organize data.


My talented husband and impressive son, who both keep me in awe every day.

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