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for suspense, thriller, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic genres

It's Hard finding
a good beta reader

Finding a reliable free beta reader can be a daunting task. Ghosting, three-word feedback, or no feedback at all is common. Their intentions might not mean, but they have lives and other demands on their time.

I'm a professional beta reader
who you can rely on
to follow through.
I'll provide you with
an honest
and objective opinion.

Will readers
Love my book?

You’ve lived in a bubble writing your manuscript, and now you wonder if readers will like your book. Of course, different readers have different tastes, and what one person loves, another might hate. But the beta reading service is designed to give you a general sense of how readers will react to your book.

Not enough

As a writer, time is a precious commodity. You likely have a lot of projects, whether it’s writing new material, editing existing work, or promoting your books. As a result, it can be hard to find the time to read and critique someone else’s work in exchange for feedback on your manuscript. My beta reading service is a time-saving option for busy writers.

Frees up time
that you can use to work on
other writing projects.
Reading Features


I’ll read your manuscript once to provide accurate and useful feedback from a reader’s perspective.

Free Bonus

A free developmental edit of the first 1000 words of your manuscript.


I’ll fill out a form with detailed answers to questions about your book. Download a list of some of the questions answered.


Your manuscript will need to be in a Microsoft Word doc. Read How to prepare your manuscript for editing.


If you decide to proceed with a developmental edit or editorial assessment, the cost of the beta reading will be credited towards those services.


$0.005 per word. 

Discuss a

Start by filling out a questionnaire where you tell me about your novel and your goals. Then, I’ll email you, and we can discuss your project.

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